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Nrdevo CMS

The only content management system you need, allowing full control without writing any code.




A comprehensive dashboard that gives you a quick and direct overview of everything happening in your system. Get live statistics and instant access to all essential elements with one click.


Manage users with high efficiency, from creating new accounts to modifying roles and changing passwords, all while providing complete control over user data.


Design custom roles with various permissions to fit the needs of your system and your team, with full control over assigning these roles to users.


Create dynamic web pages with ease using CKEditor 5, with advanced control tools for managing pages including creation, updating, and deletion.


Comments, Tags, Categories

An integrated blog system that allows you to publish, update, and delete content seamlessly, all supported by flexible and powerful editing tools. Complete control over interactions and content organization with easy-to-use tools for managing comments, tags, and categories, making content more searchable and discoverable.


Pro & Custom

An app marketplace that expands the horizons of your system with amazing new features. Try out the latest additions and customize your admin experience to suit your unique needs.



Manage your files with ease and flexibility, where the media manager offers the strength and flexibility to upload, organize, and share files of all types within the system.



Menus, Page builder, General Settings, Widgets, Customize

Transform your vision into reality with advanced theme customization features. Build menus and pages with drag-and-drop, equip your site with interactive widgets, and control all aspects of design from fonts to colors and shapes.



Enjoy flexibility and strength in controlling your system with custom APIs. Create application programming interfaces with precise permissions and specific validity periods, to provide seamless and secure integration with your external services.



Automate interactions and instant notifications with live events on your system. Set up automatic transmission of specific events to platforms like Discord or Slack, providing effective harmony with team tools and direct updates.


Gain full control over your system's core files. Easy management of files like ads.txt, manifest.json, robots.txt, security.txt, and sitemap.xml, all within a clear and smooth user interface.

Audit logs

Track every activity that occurs within your system. Audit logs provide you with a comprehensive history of events from logins to updates, giving you transparency and security to monitor user interactions.


Design your website experience precisely with comprehensive settings. From site name and logo to payment details, everything is at your fingertips to achieve the highest levels of performance and customization.


With the Profile feature, users can access and manage their account information comprehensively. This includes updating their profile picture, changing passwords, updating personal information, viewing login history, deleting the account, as well as generating referral links and managing settings.


We provide a comprehensive FAQ service to address all your questions and more, ensuring you have all the information you need.

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Submit a ticket anytime and our dedicated team will assist you 24/7, ensuring prompt and efficient support for all your needs.

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User Manual

Access our continuously updated user manual, filled with detailed instructions and supported by images to help you find everything you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work hard to put in place a lot of ways for customers to communicate with us and here are some of the ways that are available:

You can easily pay online via major credit cards.

Yes there is one free versions of nrdevo:


If you are a student or educator, you may qualify for a nrdevo Education plan. There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify and you can apply here. Education allow you to access all the functionality of our Basic plan for free.

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Choose your plan now and build your website with Nrdevo, a lightweight integrated content management system built to the highest standards.



  • 1GB shared CPU
  • 1GB shared RAM
  • 20GB Storage
  • Email support



  • 2GB shared CPU
  • 2GB shared RAM
  • 75GB Storage
  • Priority email support



  • Customized shared/Dedicated CPU
  • Customized shared/Dedicated RAM
  • Customized Storage
  • Help center access

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