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Frequently Asked Questions

nrdevo is built to be fully SEO ready, making your site popular with search engines. Just provide active and always updated content on your site.

Of course they can do that, but you have control over what users do, and you can of course prevent that at any time, Remember to add it in your Terms of use.

You can, of course, do this at any time, but if there are defaults, you will not be able to do so until all the defaults are paid If not otherwise, you can of course delete your account at any time..

The data center is located in Germany

Some users prefer not to comment with the real user's name, Therefore the user's comment can be chosen to be anonymous. This option is currently available only to a specific group of users, not all users..

We work hard to put in place a lot of ways for customers to communicate with us and here are some of the ways that are available:

If you delete your account the following will be deleted:

  • All email verification records.
  • All login_activity records.
  • All user data and metadata records.
  • All user referral records.

Consider the following, Nothing related to the content will be deleted like:

  • User comments.
  • User uploaded media.
  • Mailing list.
  • User audit log.
  • User request to forgot password.
  • Any data stored using an application, unless the application contains a feature that allows the data to be deleted when the user deletes their account, the site administrator will not have access to it.

Payments for nrdevo subscriptions are non-refundable. 

We are happy for you to contact us via email and we will find out your requirements and provide you with a price quote.

You can easily pay online via major credit cards.

Yes there is one free versions of nrdevo:


If you are a student or educator, you may qualify for a nrdevo Education plan. There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify and you can apply here. Education allow you to access all the functionality of our Basic plan for free.