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Nrdevo apps

Nedevo provide two types of apps, one type was built at the system level, and another type was built at the application manager level. There is no difference except that it is not possible to build applications at the system level except from within the company and our own programmers duo to security matters, as apps built on the system can be available to all our subscribed users, while applications built at the application manager level must be installed through the store and get full review.

How to request a developer account?

At Nrdevo provide this option but we do not suggest you request this option as it cannot offer more functionality except it's offer an extra layer of information like system version, what dependency available what there versions and a little bit more, but does not allow you an extra buttons or user interface or anything related for the meantime.

Types of apps at the app manager level

There is no big difference except that the Nrdevo team has other types of apis are not public for allows extra functionality.

Who can develop apps?

For the meantime apps can be developed by Nrdevo team and you can request an app, And we will allow a full documentation for all developers to develop and submit their apps to the store for approval soon.